Mobile App Development

Simple Music Player

Listen to your music, simply and easily

A simple music player for your music. Intuitive and easy design without the clutter or sales pitch of other music players. If you want to stream music use their player. If you just want to listen to your music then use the Simple Music Player.

  • Uses two different APIs to play local content and DRM content quick!
  • Fast and smooth functionality with as few taps as possible
  • Full search functions that works better than the other guys'
  • Shuffle and loop functions with buttons directly in the view
  • Easy navigation between song, album and artist

Attack of the Bubbles!

Bubble Popping Game

Pop the bubbles before they stack up and reach the top of the screen. Simple and addictive. Good luck!

  • Uses SpriteKit
  • Inhouse sound design and particle effects


MTA Transit tracker and delay notifications

Get crowdsourced reports of MTA delays and user generated delay reports"

  • Uses Geofences to track users for delays
  • CoreData to store MTA Api information offline
  • Parse APIs to store user trip data and send notifications
  • More reliable reports of delays so you don't have to rely on the MTA
  • Users don't even have to open the app! They will be notified when they approach the station

Web Development Projects

Wordatic game
Website for, a comedy webseries
Wordatic game
WORDATIC: One page app launched from Heroku. Social word-game/story-builder.
Seminar Rater RoR

SEMINAR RATER: Ruby on Rails 4.x online database app utility for actors (in development)


Languages Frameworks/Libraries Version Control/Deployment
Objective C jQuery Git
Swift SpriteKit AWS
Javascript MPMedia/AVAudio Heroku
Java Bootstrap